Sopapillas 8Lightly fried flour tortillas dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon and served with whipped cream and honey

Flan 10Homemade custard drizzled with a caramel sauce

Tres Leches 10Three milk moist white cake infused with white rum and topped with a white frosting

Choco Bananas 12Crispy pastry filled with fresh sliced bananas, honey, pecans, and lots of chocolate and served a la mode

Churros 12Golden strips of lightly fried pastry rolled in sugar and cinnamon and accompanied by a chocolate custard sauce

Key Lime Pie 10Homemade creamy tart key lime custard with a graham cracker crust

Mexican Brownies 10Warm fudge brownies with chunks of chocolate drizzled with cajeta caramel sauce and chocolate syrup and served with vanilla ice cream

Cheesecake “Armando’s favorite”12Classic homemade cheesecake with a graham cracker crust

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